The clinical testing of fixation disparity.

Since the time (1949-1967) that Ogle, and his colleagues researched the entity they termed fixation disparity (FD), a number of clinical tests have become available based on this original work. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the design of these tests and to propose some major modifications that expand on the standard methods of testing of FD in order to make such testing more clinically relevant.
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Understanding how the brain works in perceiving sensory input, controlling motor output and mediating cognitive functions is of fundamental importance both for basic science and for effective clinical treatment of neurological disorders.
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The word attention has had more varied usages than perhaps any other in psychology, all of which imply both intensive and selective aspects. Models of attention date back to Aristotle, who considered attention as a narrowing of the senses. All science is based on the attention paid to models and philosophies of thinking that drive scientific enquiry. And it is on the basis of what appears to be proven scientifically, that clinicians apply such information in clinical practice.
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